Full Body Benefits of Zinc

Full Body Benefits of Zinc

Posted by DermaZinc® on Oct 20th 2022

With every year, science advances more and more and we learn additional things about the benefits of certain components in our bodies. One of the components that offer many benefits to the body is zinc.

What Is Zinc?

Zinc is one of the nutrients that is considered essential for the body, however, it’s one that the body doesn’t naturally store or produce on its own. Because the body can’t naturally produce it, you have to get a supply of zinc through your diet or supplements, but it’s a common component in many products, such as plant and animal foods.

Zinc (whether naturally forming in nature or a man-made synthetic form) can be found in snack bars, baking flour, breakfast cereals, nasal sprays, homeopathic cold treatments, and even lozenges. Many multi-purpose vitamins also tend to contain zinc as well.

This vital mineral exists in the second-highest quantity in the human body (after iron), and zinc exists in every cell in the human body. It helps with enzyme activity, metabolism, nerve function, and other important functions.

Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is extremely important to the body, and it offers many benefits to you. Read on to learn about many of the ways that zinc can improve your health. Many people think that zinc only helps with skin deficits, but it offers more positives than just that.

Maintains the Immune System

Zinc is a great element that helps to strengthen the immune system. This is because zinc is an important ingredient for cell signaling and immune cell function, meaning that a deficiency of zinc can result in a weakened immune response in the body. As such, if you increase the zinc content in your body (either through food or through supplements), you’ll find that zinc can increase your immune cells and reduce oxygen-based stress.

Wounds Will Heal Faster

Zinc is a common ingredient in many solutions that help with burns, ulcers, and skin injuries. This is because zinc helps wounds to heal faster. After all, it’s important to immune function (as mentioned), inflammatory response, and collagen synthesis. This combination of benefits will help accelerate the healing of your wounds – alternatively, if you have a deficiency of zinc, your wounds will take longer to heal.

Can Prevent Certain Age-Related Disease

Pneumonia, infection, age-related macular degeneration, and infection can be prevented through the increase of zinc in your diet. Studies have shown that older adults who use zinc supplements have an increased amount of influenza vaccination response, increased mental performance, and even age-resultant vision failure.

Learning and Memory

Certain research has found that zinc might help with boosting cognitive functions. Although this hasn’t been mapped to humans as of yet, there was a set of tests involving rats that proved that those who had increased zinc performed better in tasks that involved memory and thinking.


Zinc is an important component that helps determine the healthy growth of bone reformation and durability. Although there isn’t specific research that proves that zinc can prevent osteoporosis, many researchers believe that there’s a connection between the development of healthy bones (due to zinc) and the onset of osteoporosis.

Supports Sexual Health

If you are finding that you have fertility problems or if someone in your family is suffering from delayed sexual development, it might be due to a lack of sufficient zinc in your system (specifically in males). Research has shown that zinc is an extremely important component of male sexual health, possibly because it plays an active role as a hormone balancer.

Keep in mind that too much zinc can lead to internal toxicity, which can also harm the sperm. As such, make sure that any increases of zinc in the body should only be undertaken with the acknowledgment and support of a medical professional.

Help Prevent Chronic Diseases

Zinc is a natural antioxidant, meaning it has powerful antioxidant properties. This means that it can help reduce oxidative stress, which is an ailment that is thought to connect to chronic diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and even high blood pressure. With zinc, the antioxidant properties can help prevent the onset of these debilitating, life-changing diseases.